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Edgar Payne
Bristlecone Gallery
Edgar Payne

    Pencil Drawing                        High Sierra Lake
on Paper                                               

Edgar A. Payne


Biography provided in part by Edan Hughes. Edgar Payne was born in Washburn, Missouri on March 1, 1883. Payne left home at age 14 and found work painting houses, stage sets 
and signs. Except for a brief period at the Art Institute of Chicago, Payne remained a 
self-taught artist. On his first visit to 
California in 1909 he spent several months 
Laguna Beach before visiting Catalina Island, Santa Barbara and San 
. In 1918 the Payne’s established a home and studio in Laguna Beach where he 
organized and became the first president of the Laguna Beach Art Association.


Edgar Payne continued painting and exhibiting in Los Angeles and Laguna until 1922 when he took 
a two-year painting trip of
Europe. During the next eight years winters were mainly 
spent in
New York City. The Payne’s traveled from coast to coast in the United States 
until 1932 when they returned to
Hollywood. Edgar Payne is internationally renowned for his 
depictions of the High Sierras, Indians riding through desert canyons, landscapes 
of the
Sierra Nevada and French and Italian boats scenes as well as authoring a book 
titled Composition of Outdoor Painting, which is now in its fifth printing and used by 
artists, teachers and collectors around the world. He died in
Hollywood on April 8, 1947.

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