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Steven J. Heward

Steven Heward studied with Alvin Gittins at the University of Utah in the mid 1970’s. Classically trained in figure and portraiture, self taught plein air painter. Most of the paintings and studies below were painted on sight in one session. Steve has won many Plein air competitions.  Some of his recent winnings include, 2007 best in show at Ogden Valley 2007 Plein Air competition, best in show Spring City 2007 Plein Air competition, 2007 Salt Lake County Fair Best in Show, and 2007 Sandy City Art Show Best in Show Award. He also took best in show at the 2006 Wasatch County Plein Air Competition and Second Place 2007 Wasatch County Plein Air Competition Studio Award. He ended his 2007 season with a Second Place in 2007 Escalante Plein Air. In 2008 he received a purchase award in Midway’s Wasatch Plein Air Paradise competition. Then 2008 Best of Show and Grand Prize Salt Lake County Fair. In 2008, in the Spring City Plein Air Competition, he received a Zion’s Bank selection award for the Zion’s Show. He received the 2008 Artist Choice Award Escalante Canyon Plein Air Competition. Then he won Best in Show the Plein Air Provo 2008 competition. 2008 Ripley Publishing of Ripley's Believe it or not, has asked to publish photos of his small artwork on crowns in their new book. In 2008 the Today Show showed Steve’s small artwork live on their show. 2008 Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil and others all Published His small artwork in National Magazines or News Papers. In 2009 He took First Place & Purchase Award in Heber’s Wasatch Plein Air Paradise Paint out Competition. 2009 Third Place Wasatch Plein Air Paradise Studio Competition. 2009 Award of Merit Wasatch Plein Air Paradise Main competition.  2009 Portraits published in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Seeing Is Believing.

  Fish Creek
30x40 $14,000
Blue Canyon
30x40 $20,000

 Morning in Grass Valley
12x16  $3,500
The Guide
16x20 $8,500
 Traveling by Moon Light
16x20 $6.500
 Sacred Mountain
16x20 $4,000
 Huntsville Pond
11x14 $3,500
 Mt. Timpanogos from
Deer Creek
20x24  $5,000
 Capturing Winters Light
16x20  $4,500
 Standing His Ground!
30x40 $8,750
 Slopes of the Tetons
16x20 $4,000
 The Old Tack Shed
9x12 $2,800
 Civil Twilight
9x12 $2,000
 Cowboy in Spring City
9x12 $2,800
 Monroe Mt.
16x20 $4,000
The Old Granary
12x16 $5,000 
Old Lehi Farm
12x16 $4,500 
Canyons of the
 Henry Mountains
30x40 $16,000 


 Mt Timpanogos
12x16 $3,000
 Red Hill
12x16 $!,800
 Hay Fields
12x16 $3,500
 Big Willow Creek
on Lone Peak
16x20 $3,500
 Manti La Sal 
National Forest
12x16 $1,200
 The Missing Donkey
12x16 $1,800
 Lone Peak
 from Dry Creek
9x12 $18,00
 South of Midway
16x20 $3,000
 Teasdale, Utah
16x20 $3,600
Sandstone Formation
In Teasdale, Thursday
16x20 $4,800

  Old Burrville Stone House
9x12 $2,800

Milburn Sage Brush
16x20 $4,500

Twin Peaks
12x16 Sold

 Up Big Cottonwood Canyon
12x16 $3,000

Our Otter Creek Property
18x24 $4,800

Sandstone Formation
In Teasdale Wednesday

 Mountain Shadows
12x16 $2,800

 Dry Creek Canyon
12x16 $2,750

 Grand Wash High Noon
9x12 $2,000
Cliff of Sand Mountain
9x12 $2,500

Lone Peak Summer
12x16 $2,500

 Lewiston Peak
9x12 $2,000
 Lone Peak, Late Spring
16x20 $4,200
Lone Peak Early March
12x16 $3,200
 The Old Black Oil Car
9x12 $2,400
 The Old White Oil Car
12x16 $2,800
Lowtar's Old Stone House
12x16 $2,800

 Old Train In Ogden
16x20 $3,400
 Lone Peak Early Summer
12x16 Sold
Timpanogos and
Utah Lake
11x14 $3,000
Utah Lake & Alpine
12x16 $2,800

Lone Peak Mid Summer
16x20 $3,600

Mt Timpanogos
near Wallsburg

18x24 Sold
Huntsville Duck Pond
16x20 Sold
Hiking the Wasatch
22x24 Sold 
Albion Basin
18x18 Sold

Texas Longhorn
18x24 Sold
 Butch Cassidy's Hideout
12x16 $2,500
Grand Wash W/ Bison
18x24 Sold
 Grand Canyon Morning
16x20 $3,200

An Icy Lone Peak
12x16 Sold
Lone Peak From My Porch
11x14 $2,250

Little Willow Creek Canyon
30x40 Sold

Colors of Capitol Reef
9x12 Sold
 Mt Timpanogos
Above Deer Creek
16x20 $4,500
Lake Blanch
Lone Peak Mid March
30x40 $5,800

Lone Peak Spring
16x20 $4,200

Storm over the Oquirrhs
9x12 Sold
Mt Ben Lomond
and Stone Church

16x20 $3,600

 Dry Creek Canyon
16x20 Sold
Mt Nebo
24x30 $4,200
 Little Matterhorn
12x16 $2,500
Twin Peaks
From Butter Cup Park
6x8 $1,800

Monroe Mt and Old Pine
9x12 $2,200
Monroe Mt Evening
12x16 Sold

Lone Peak & Oak Brush
16x20 $3,200
Lone Peak Draper
16x20 $3,200
 Lone Peak From Grandmas
12x16 $2,500
Lone Peak Draper Summer
12x16 $2,500
 Sundance and
Cascade Mt

16x20 Sold
Lowe Peak
16x20 Sold 
 Grand Wash Cloud

9x12 $2,000
Zion From Washington
6x8 $2,500
Huntsville Summer
16x20 $
The River Bottoms
16x20 Sold
So Jordan Temple
9x12 Sold
 So. Jordan River Bottoms
9x12 $2,000
  Granite Peak
11x14 Sold

Huntsville in the fall
16x20 $3,200
 Between Butch Cassidy's
Home and Hideout.
12x16 $2,800
Old English Game Cock
16x20 $4,600

The Old Petersen Farm
16x20 $3,800

Cows In The Pasture
12x16 $2,500
Timpanogos From Midway
12x16 $2,600
Lone Peak May 14
12x16 Sold

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