La Ombre

The Ultimate Umbrella Attachment!

I've used smaller umbrellas that attached to easels and the ones that stick in the ground. They were too small and couldn't keep the sun from reflecting off my pallet and shade my painting at the same time. I figured a large pure white patio umbrella would work just fine. But they're like a large kite and sensitive to the wind. Even with large rocks piled on the stand, the umbrella would blow over. Since building my umbrella attachment (La Ombre) the strongest winds can’t bully me!

 When strong winds pickup, I simply unwind the crank on my umbrella until the winds subsides and reopen it up again when they pass. I call my attachment “La Ombre” which is French for Shade. It keeps the rain off your painting and pallet. Concentrating is easier in the shade.

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I sell the La Ombre  for $150.00 without the Umbrella.

Its built to accept the White Umbrella Home Depot sells online.            Model # SLPT758001-F04  


If you would like one shipped, I can check to see what your shipping cost would be.